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How to order your garden building

You can visit us in person to view our range of buildings or check our website for the full range. Once you are ready to order, buildings can be secured with a deposit over the phone or at our show sites.

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The Process

From initial enquiry to the delivery and construction of your insulated room.

Step 1 – Building order

Step 2 – Building Manufacture

Step 3 – Delivery and assembly

What's included in the price?

We like to keep it simple so the prices displayed are the prices paid, we don’t have a list of extras to make the price look inviting then go up as you design the building. Delivery and assembly is free within 50 miles of the show site.

Step 1

Once you have found the product you like either online or at a show site, our staff will go through to check we have the design exactly how you want, at this stage we can change details or add any extras you wanted on the building. Once ready to order the building is secured with a 15% deposit.

Step 2

once ordered the building will go into our build que, we quickly book you in so you know in advance your delivery date, we are flexible and can change this if the given one is not suitable. The building will be crafted and pre made ready for assembly in one of the factories across Yorkshire, on insulated buildings we prepare as much as possible in the factory to keep time and disturbance down on site when installing.

Step 3

On the delivery date given our team of experienced fitters will arrive on site to install your building, for insulated buildings the garden room team will fully finish the building on site whilst keeping disturbance to a minimum, plastered buildings can often take a couple of days to complete due to waiting times but timber clad buildings we aim to have finished within a day.

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  • What do you use an insulated building for?
    Insulated buildings can have many uses, from a place to relax in the garden and entertain, down to an office to work from home in whilst giving you the feeling of being away from home. Our fully insulated buildings can be used all year round.
  • Do I need planning permission for an insulated room?
    nearly all garden rooms fall under permitted development and don’t require planning so long as they: Are of single-story construction Do not exceed eves height of 2.5m (eaves is the lowest roof point) Does not exceed 4m at the highest point on an apex, or 3m on a pent Are not intended for permanent residential use Don’t take up more than 50% of your garden area Are not built past the front elevation of the house
  • What is the best base to put an insulated room on?
    All buildings require a solid level base such as concrete of flags, it is crucial this is level to keep the buildings square, if you don’t have a base we can supply a timber framed base that we level up to take the building.
  • Where should I put my insulated room in my garden?
    as long as the building is to the back or side of the property the area is personal choice, we suggest somewhere you can enjoy the sun, and of course where the building can be seen and enjoyed from the house.
  • What colour should I paint my insulated room?
    We have seen many colours over the years and urge you to choose what you enjoy, after all you will be enjoying your time within the building or entertaining, as long as the treatment us suitable for exterior wood and protects the building against water and UV light. All buildings should be treated once assembled on site unless you choose a pre treatment by us.
  • What is tanalised timber?
    Tanalised timber is a process where a chemical is forced into the wood under pressure, this stops the wood from rotting or being attacked by fungus, wood is natural and can get wet over time and will dry out without causing harm, tanalising will protect it, and once the building is painted / oiled after assembly this will further protect the building and prolong the lifespan.
  • Can I change my design?
    yes in most cases we can change the building to suit your needs, we can offer different windows and door styles as well as positioning, let us know your ideas and we will do our best to help.
  • Is the building assembled the same day it’s delivered?
    Our experienced assembly teams deliver your building and also install it at the same time, we aim to get the building up once we arrive on site and complete with a minimum of fuss.

Ready to order?

Great, find a building that you like the design of and let’s get started creating your perfect garden room.

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